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Welcome! Introduction...

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

Hey! Firstly, thank you SO MUCH for taking the time to stop by.

Fine art self portrait for Hillary West Photography. Portrait of woman smiling on white background with a round blue balloon on either side.

Quick professional background:

After years working as a professional family and child photographer, both for other photographers and then later for myself, I became flat out underwhelmed with the “typical family photo”. My deeply passionate creative drive has been calling, and I’m now proud to say that Hillary West Photography provides a fully customized fine art portrait experience. That means really getting know you on a personal level, to provide you with portraits that express exactly who your family is and what you stand for. 3 years in the custom picture framing industry has also provided me with countless hours learning about preservation of family heirlooms, and the best ways to display meaningful art in clients homes!

[Personal background: I'm loving, sincere, and have been described countless times as "chill" which never ceases to amaze me...I'm the kind of person that doesn't know whats happening in the movie because my brain is going a mile a minute about something seriously much more important! I'm a daydreamer for sure, and love to be inspired by simplicity and balance. I'm married to a damn hardworking husband and father, and I'm mama to an amazing little boy. We are also parents to a neurotic dog and trouble making cat - both of whom we love dearly.]

Reading this blog // whats in it for you, mama?!

I’ll be using this blog to inform and educate you on what to look for in a photographer, for the most fulfilling portrait experience. Also, what makes a fine art portrait experience different from a regular photo session? I can’t wait to get into this with you! We’ll also talk about the value and details of printed art; different ways to display your portraits, tips on curating customized gallery walls, and so much more!

To mix things up and keep it interesting I’ll also be doing local hidden gem and business spotlights! Let’s share our knowledge, we’re all in this together - little tips can be so valuable! Read: that secret nursing room in the mall!? It took me over 6 months to find out that secret #momcave existed!

I want to hear from you - any other topics you'd love to hear more about? Drop me a line in the comments, a #welcomemessage (or intel on the latest momcave) are all highly appreciated. XOX


Hillary West

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