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Top 3 reasons an OUTDOOR motherhood shoot could be perfect for you!

What is it about getting outside that seems to instantly cure frustration for both kids and parents? The fresh air, the freedom to move and play in all directions? Less rules, more adventure?

Mother and two sons dancing together in grassy field at sunset

As our kids grow and change, it’s YOU they’re looking forward to exploring with. And if they’re in daycare or school all week, it’s still YOU they can’t wait to tell about what happened at recess.

Mother and two son's cuddling and kissing in grassy field at sunset

I’m a storyteller, through and through, and it’s really important to me to capture the highlights, and the little in-between moments too. How small their hands look as you’re both inspecting a caterpillar in the wild! The way they’re almost too big to be carried, but they still ask, and you oblige because you know it’s getting closer and closer to the end of that chapter. These are the fleeting motherhood moments I can’t wait to save for you.

close up of small child's hand placing wild flowers into mother's hand

Most families I shoot with are in Barrie, Collingwood and Orilla (and small towns in between). My favourite locations for outdoor shoots are in Barrie, Alliston, and the Collingwood area. I looove shooting in areas with fresh spring blooms or long wild grasses! I also shoot some of my sessions in my client’s home - sometimes I bring a portable studio setup with me, other times we capture the whole vibe and character of the home as part of the story!

So, which type of location is right for you? You might be best suited to an outdoor motherhood shoot if…

  1. Your kids are toddlers or older - they crave and require independence, and the chance to run and explore!

  2. You're an outdoorsy type of family. If you’re out there making adventure memories, an outdoor shoot makes perfect sense!

  3. You think your home decor would look great with some motherhood portraits shot in a natural setting up on the walls!

Mother’s day is just a few days away! Writing this post today, Tues. May 3, I have a few spots left at the end of May, only ONE weekend date mid-summer, and just 2 weekend dates left in August. Are you ready to book?

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