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Top 3 Reasons an IN-HOME Motherhood shoot could be perfect for you!

When it comes to motherhood, I may only be 4 years in, but I swear I’ve experienced some of everything so far. Highs, lows, and everything in between. Some seasons have been so, so incredibly difficult. Other seasons have been pretty easy and awesome - I wish it was always this way!

What I’m trying to get at, is that if this season is particularly challenging, it’s okay to do anything and everything at a bare minimum. You’re totally allowed to make this photoshoot easy peasy! I can absolutely come to your home, no fuss, no need to clean, promise. My usual vibe is all about connection and intimacy, so if you're not into showing the house, that can be easily avoided!

But first of all, why do you need a motherhood shoot, anyways? 10/10 Moms agree, they aren’t in enough of the photos. They’re the ones taking 90% of the photos…um, no! Not okay! Mama, you’re EVERYTHING to your children. Having memories of you and them TOGETHER hanging on the wall, is a beautiful reminder of that. The seasons and years pass way too quick. The way they interact with you changes pretty drastically year to year. Please, please don’t wait to capture your connection with them!

Most of my clients and referrals come from Barrie, Collingwood, and Orillia areas (and everything in-between). Sometimes I bring my portable studio setup to my client’s homes, and other times we’ll shoot outdoors in a beautiful natural location.

Which location is the best choice for you? You might be best suited to an in-home motherhood shoot if…

  1. Your children are quite young or babies. If they’re not yet walking, an in-home shoot is probably going to be perfect for you. My outdoor shoots involve a lot of movement and play, perfect for getting kids running, laughing and playing! If you’re not there yet, cuddles at home may be a better choice!

  2. You take pride in your home, and you’d like to incorporate the memories and character it holds into your photo session.

  3. You’re a bit of a homebody and enjoy the creature comforts of home at an arm’s length, at any point during our shoot. Snacks, diaper changes, makeup touch-ups and more are all easy and accessible to you!

And a bonus point - in my experience, including your pet into the shoot yields much better results at home vs. trying to manage them outdoors and enjoy your shoot at the same time!

Mother’s day is just a few days away! Writing this post today, Tues. May 3, I have a few spots left at the end of May, only ONE weekend date mid-summer, and just 2 weekend dates left in August. Are you ready to book?

xox Hillary

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