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Print Your Photos: We're Making Family Heirlooms!

I LOVE to tell the legacy building stories of the families I work with. I think it’s so inspiring to hear other people’s stories, and I’m so passionate about the family heirloom portrait topic - I just want to spread the word!

THIS one is about me though!

My own family’s legacy is being slowly built and woven right into my business. It’s so important to me to help other families build their legacy with their authentic portraits, and I am so excited to be living this process myself as well. I have so much gratitude for my gifts as an artist and photographer, and knowledge of archival quality art and display methods. It’s super fulfilling to me to know that my son and my potential grandchildren will benefit from the family heirlooms we’re creating!

There are a few reasons I chose acrylic to display this portrait of my son. The biggest factor for us was that it will be used as wall art in the washroom - acrylic is going to be the very best to withstand the daily humidity fluctuations. For the most part though, I just love the look of it! It has such a sleek and modern feel, and the standoffs give depth by floating it off the wall a little bit. The acrylic used also includes UV protection which will protect it from fading if it is exposed to direct sunlight. UV protection is a big factor to consider with any printed family art - if you’re creating family heirlooms, you want to be sure you’re investing in high quality, archival products that won’t fade over the years. I like that the acrylic is different, and really stands out as a clean, modern piece of art in our home.

Where can you visualize acrylic family art in your home? I have a vision in my head of a kitchen artwork display, where each family member has their own unique portrait with their favourite food! Soooo cute!

All the love,

Hillary West

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