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Print Your Photos: Solutions to digital image overwhelm!

Updated: May 24, 2019

Some clients have told me that (gasp!) they have worked with multiple professional photographers, yet have never printed the images. The reasons? Lots of them...confusing process, time consuming, don’t know what sizes or what to order, don’t know where to get the best quality OR how to display them best for their own home and lifestyle. I feel your pain on this! The whole process can be a little overwhelming - let’s make some sense of it here! My background in professional picture framing and custom artwork display consultations shall not go to waste!

Custom Picture Framing

Whether you want to make an impact with BIG statement wall art, or an intriguing custom curated gallery wall, custom picture framing is an excellent choice. The most important thing to remember is preservation - professionally framed portraits use only archival materials and methods, and they are the pieces that become family heirlooms. As your professional photographer with a background in custom framing consultation, I can help you choose the very best frame for your portrait AND your wall space and decor vibes! [More work from the talented Mike Handley can be viewed and purchased here]


Canvas is very popular, and also very versatile. Canvases can be hung as finished wall art, or can be custom framed for a more finished look. Again, please consider preservation and family heirlooms. High quality professionally printed canvases are sealed with a lacquer finish, making them resistant to fading, and will help your canvas live 100+ years!


Fall Family Portrait by Hillary West - 16x20 Fine Art Canvas, lacquer sealed and stretched on 1.5" frame

Acrylic Wall Art

Acrylic is a unique wall art option with a sleek and modern feel. Your artwork is printed directly onto a thick piece of acrylic - this is a great option for anywhere with excessive humidity such as a washroom. Acrylic can be displayed in a few different ways: from the back, similar to how a picture frame hangs, with stainless steel standoffs (my fav look!) or even traditionally framed. The only downside to this is that acrylic is sensitive to scratches, so best to be hung away from little (or clumsy) hands!

Memory Box

This is a lovely option that also serves as a wonderful gift. A black leather memory box, with a custom laser engraved name or message, holds up to 15 matted prints. Included is a birch mat stand, which is the perfect interchangeable desktop display! If you’re limited on wall space, or just plain indecisive, this is a great display solution for yourself, grandparents, or other family members. Professionally printed portraits are always printed with the highest quality, most accurate colour representation, and again that liquid coating which helps to protect your special prints over time.

Heirloom Albums

These are a fantastic option which work really well for special occasions and events, and for photoshoots which simply have too many images to choose for wall art. These books are really special, and the quality simply can’t be compared to any other kind of album on the consumer market. Your images are printed on true photographic paper (yes, the difference is huge!), and each page is stacked into a block of pages, baked in an oven under pressure, and block chopped to the finished size, and a slightly rounded corner is added as well. The result of this process is weighted album pages, sealed with a liquid coating, that lay flat and stand the test of time. Also included is a custom laser engraved keepsake box for your album. These are outstanding quality albums you can pass down through the generations in your family!

Why print your photos? Because you and your family deserve to be honoured and displayed with pride, now and for generations to come! That being said, I understand that this is a digital age, and I do offer digital negatives. The BEST thing you can do to build family legacy is to create and print family portraits. Having digital negatives is a great backup plan, though I truly believe the number one way to build your legacy is through printed family portraits.

What is your portrait display style?! Let me know in the comments what you think you'd lean towards, and I'll comment back with my top 3 insider insights on your choice! The most popular display style will be highlighted in next month's #printyourphotos blog post!

Are you ready to chat about overcoming digital photo overwhelm? I know the feeling...we are ALL grappling with digital vs. tangible, these days more than ever. Let’s talk about creating meaningful family portraits, displaying them in the very best way for YOU, and giving your kids something they can be proud to show their own children someday! Let’s talk - book your free consult today!

All the love,

Hillary West

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