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Portrait Series: Barrie Children's Photographer Gives the Why Behind "Imagination Captured"

Can you remember some of the first times you really felt validated and seen, really felt “you” as a kid? When you started to have your own ideas about the way you saw yourself and the world, and felt that your ideas were really being understood?

Halloween is an amazing time to honour our children’s imaginations! It’s an opportunity to let their imaginations run a little wild, which is so important! From the perspective of our children, this is a very meaningful opportunity to be understood in a way that their words can’t always express.

Through the upcoming portrait series “Imagination Captured”

we’re going to tap into your child’s imagination, and create

portraits that LOOK how THEY feel in their costumes!

There are lots of ways to infuse their own personality and imagination into the portraits - I’d love to conduct mini interviews with older children, and all ages will be able to have fun playing and acting out their character!

It would be my absolute honour to help you create images that capture your child’s imagination in it’s prime! My passion is to help families build their legacy, through truly authentic portraits - for children, this idea is simply perfect.

Their imaginations are where they live and thrive -

let’s meet them there while we still can!


Applications are open until Friday the 13th 🦇 of September to model for the Imagination Captured promo shoot! We’re looking for kids to model their costumes - for participation they’ll be entered into a costume contest with a chance to win $150 towards Hillary West Photography, and receive 1 or 2 edited images at web resolution! Shoots will take place between Sat. Sept. 14th and Sun. Sept. 22nd.

Official link to apply for the model call

My closing thought is a question to you - if this idea speaks to you, but you aren't sure about participating in the project: what is holding you back from taking action?!

I have so many amazing ideas related to this topic - I'm so passionate about it! Future years have so much potential around this theme! Costume making workshops anyone?!

With love, creativity, and glitter!

Hillary West

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