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Portrait Experience: Barrie Photographer Adds Extra Layer of Sentiment for Fathers Day Portraits

How do you take a portrait from good to GREAT?

To start, engaging in a real and personal connection with the photographer will definitely show in your portraits. To get authentic expressions and really feel your character come through, there has to be a real connection happening in the moment. There are other factors though, which can play a very special role in the meaning behind the portrait, and what kinds of emotions it evokes for you and your family, on a deeply personal level.

That’s where the personal touches come in!

For a fully customized portrait experience, we’ll have a portrait planning meeting, where we’ll dig deep into the emotions and values you’d like your portraits to express for your family. If there is a very special location to your family, which already holds warm memories for you, that would absolutely help bring the warm fuzzies into the vibe of the final portrait. Or, have you lost someone dear to you, maybe someone you long to include in your family’s memories? We could definitely find a way to include something special that brings their memory into your portrait, even just a special necklace or a certain item of clothing!

Including sentimental items into your portraits is one of the very best ways to infuse them with a personal touch. By including those items, you’ll create unforgettably authentic portraits to build your legacy!

This portrait, entitled “Room To Grow” marks the beginning of a very special portrait series. I’ve been musing over this concept for months, and coincidentally during that time my toddler began a daily ritual of putting on Daddy’s work boots and trudging around the house. (swoon!)

The concept is simply to capture that iconic idolization every child has for their parents.

This portrait series is debuting just in time for Fathers Day, and the timing couldn’t be better! I’m excited to continue this series and help create some deeply sentimental keepsakes for more families. Does Dad have a really special article of clothing that the kids would be comforted to wear? Or maybe something work or passion related that the kids look up to him with? I recently had an inquiry to use this concept for the children of a firefighter - I can’t wait to shoot that one! Please send me a message if you'd like to book in for the Room To Grow series.

Also, I’m not sure who loves the idea more, the kids or the parents?! Little miss B. was totally thrilled to be doing a special portrait just for Daddy, and felt so safe and secure in his shirt for the shoot!

We took this promotional shoot in 2 different artistic directions, which style do you prefer? I honestly can’t decide which I love more, so I’m including both of them as the promotional example for the series to come.

In keeping with this theme of including extra layers of sentiment to your portraits, the next series I’d like to do after “Room To Grow” is to photograph children with their cherished teddies and lovies! Does your child have a very special Teddy? Let’s chat and discuss what style might suit your child and family the best. I can’t imagine a better way to preserve the innocence of their childhood, and create a very meaningful memory and keepsake for their future in the process.

All the love,

Hillary West

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