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Portrait Experience: Barrie Children's Photographer Captures the Magic of Childhood

Updated: Jun 30, 2019

If you haven’t heard yet, I’m all about helping you build your legacy. (Borderline obsessed? It’s all I talk about!) That means I’m constantly assessing the very best ways to create the most authentic portraits for YOUR family (that will look different for everyone!) From the first contact and initial free consult, and through your in-home portrait planning meeting, my goal is to help you uncover the message you want to leave with your portraits. What do you want to be remembered for? And then, create a plan to communicate your family’s core beliefs, values, unique personalities and family dynamics through your portraits.

This featured portrait experience is centered around the magic and innocence of childhood.

Momma knows Miss C. especially is growing up SO fast, and some days it feels like she’s just about ready to leave for college...but, (luckily!) more often than not, there are days she will bring O.G. Bunny with her absolutely everywhere she goes, and include him in everything she does.

These are the days we will never, ever want to wish away sooner.

I know it sounds totally cliche, but we’ve gotta get these’s all changing so fast, and my goodness if it doesn’t make you tear up a little… Portraits of your children just being their beautiful selves, and featuring whatever it is that feels SO BIG to them right now, is an amazing way to build your family’s legacy. Can you imagine, whatever lovie, bunny or teddy that your child is literally glued to right now, sitting on her dresser, 30 years from now? He’s even more weathered, wise, and well-loved than either of you could have ever imagined, and he’s placed carefully beside a beautifully framed portrait of the two of them. Started from the bottom now we’re here...O.G. Bunny, he’s been with you from the start, sweet C!

I’m setting aside a couple of dates right now for “Magic of Childhood” themed portraits for little ones with their special lovies, because I can’t imagine anything more personal and authentic to childhood than this. My goal through Hillary West Photography is to help you create #foreverportraits...they are not just a cute photo of what you guys looked like at that time, which looks good as a profile pic for awhile...they are the portraits that you will cherish for your entire life. All of our artwork is printed and displayed with the absolute highest quality archival materials, for outstanding artistic portraits, that will become your family’s legacy.

Magic of Childhood themed children’s portraits

Date: Saturday, August 17th 2019

Approximately 20 minutes, and a gallery of 20 of the very best images to select your prints and products from

Investment: $50 Sitting/session fee

*All prints and products are available a la carte in addition to sitting fee

I’d love to have a no pressure consult with you to discuss the unique direction your themed shoot could take!

All the love,

Hillary West

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