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My Barrie, ON Photography Client's "Crazy Idea" for a Family Photo Session

“Okay, so I have this crazy idea to do

family photos in our pool…”

Family playing in swimming pool - Dad is on the side spraying Mom and son on inflatable swan raft with the hose

So, from the top, the story goes like this…!

I met this family in September of 2018 - they were actually my FIRST ever paid photography booking! Whaaaat!?

Out of the blue in 2020, this Mama messages me to say “Those family photos you took of us when B. was a baby are still our favourite ever, so I wondered if you’d be into this idea?”

Good thing I nailed it, even back then, because these pool portraits were


I know it’s probably on a lot of photographer’s bucket lists to do a shoot like this, but, I can wholeheartedly say that the idea fits absolutely, SO perfectly into my notion of perfect family photos!

I aim for fun, creative, and custom. And this my friends, is every one of those, to a tee! I’m a really big kid at heart, and anything that brings back the nostalgia of childhood is a massive win for me!

Mom, Dad and toddler boy cuddling in towels after swimming

During all my family shoots, we’ll play silly games, and tickle and laugh.

But, there are moments in between, that are so precious.

These fleeting, tiny glimpses of your family’s hearts, are my why.

Close up of mom and toddler boy drying off in towels after swimming

When this Barrie mama told me she was tearing up over them, well folks...that’s it right there! Apparently, I live to make Moms cry, because that just

fills my cup right up. (insert awkward sense of humour)

So - please, PLEASE if live in the Barrie, Collingwood, Creemore,

Wasaga Beach or Orillia area,

and you have a "crazy idea" for your family photos...


We might just make magic!



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