Local Business Spotlight: Serenity Babyshop is a total #momcave!

Updated: Jun 28, 2019

🚨Hidden gem / #momcave alert!🚨

[#momcave: 👀 A secret network of resources & social hubs for moms. Treasure troves of support, energy and life, that you really only know about once you enter motherhood yourself! There are no guidebooks, listings or maps. All momcaves are intrinsically linked to one another, through an underground network of community, events and mombosses/leaders. What goes on in momcaves, stays in momcaves.🤐😅]

If your mental #momcave inventory does not include Serenity, you definitely need to read this!

Sidenote! New moms: Welcome! If you’re just starting to discover the resources that exist just for you, I’m so excited for your journey to really begin, and I have totally been where you are. I will never forget the day I discovered the #momcave / feeding and change room in the washroom at the mall, my son was already around 6 months at that time...before that I had been changing him in the car like some kind of transient! (😂) That room pretty much has a red carpet rolled out. You show up stressed, hungry, aching feet and back...you leave with birds singing and a whole new hunger for the clearance rack at H&M. Aaaaamazing.

If we’re talking momcaves, Serenity totally fits the bill. It’s so much more than a (amazing, natural minded, organic!) babyshop, it’s also a hub for community, education and self care. That’s what is so amazing about this place, you might wander in just looking for a cute SPF sun hat for babe, but you end up meeting Allison, chatting like old friends, and discovering the perfect class to attend with babe. Through the class you might meet some amazing friends, and discover a whole new community and support network! When I was there to shoot these photos recently I had a great chat with a mom who first discovered Serenity through the 4th trimester class 4 years ago, and has been part of their community ever since!

I know how hard it can be to “get out there” after your first baby. I didn’t start doing “mom stuff” until my guy was around 6 months, which is around the time I discovered Serenity actually, through our baby CPR course! After that I found out that their studio/class space has a huge array of amazing classes - I totally wish I’d done their 4th trimester program for new moms. Extra support and comradery during that time would have been amazing.

Some of the other amazing programs to check out at Serenity:

  • Childbirth education

  • Prenatal yoga

  • Baby sing and sign

  • Other baby and toddler programs

And, health wise, if you're dealing with or in need of any of the following (who isn't, amirite?) Allison and her team can help with that, too.

  • Massage therapy (prenatal, postnatal & general)

  • Pelvic health physiotherapy (prenatal, postnatal)

  • Reflexology

  • Crystal Reiki and more!

And check out this sweet treatment room with all the ooey gooey melty vibes. I want that. I NEED that!

Allison and I totally found some common ground not only in our passion for building community, but also on our love for family history, heirlooms and building legacy - check out this amazing old toy car passed down from her hubby’s grandparents! Looove!

Next time you’re in the North End of Barrie, you should totally go in and have a look around, and grab a cute SPF sun hat for babe or natural sunscreen. While you’re there, check out the events on the board (next up: potty training class Sat. July 6...i need that in my life!) and have a chit chat with Allison. She is such a sweetheart and I’m so glad to know her.

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All the love,

Hillary West

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