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Introduction! Barrie's most personalized experience for truly authentic portraits!

Heya! I'm Hillary and I'm so glad you've found this blog post! Have you ever felt a little underwhelmed with a typical photography experience - just showing up and hoping for a great experience? Let's break down our goals, and take the time to plan every detail. There's nothing more rewarding to me than getting to know clients on a personal level, finding out exactly what makes them tick, and giving them the very best possible experience, service, and artwork they could imagine.

artistic family portrait of mom dad and son in forest
This is us! Myself, hubby and little dude.

If you're anything like me, the very biggest and greatest sense of purpose comes from the bigger picture, and what YOU can do to positively affect the lives of others. Life before was easy, right? To be honest...I kind of only worried about my own life! Now that we’re raising kids, we suddenly realize...everything we do, has an affect on them. Both in the moment, and plays a role in shaping the person that they become. And, to take that a step further, has an affect on the kind of family that our own kids will one day create!

It is a wonderful gift to surround your family with images that have real meaning behind them - the kind of authentic portraits that really resonate with your family’s deepest values and beliefs. As your kids grow, and your family weathers all the seasons life may throw at you, having a daily reminder up on the wall of who you are and the foundations of your family can be incredibly grounding. And, when your kids are grown, and they bring there to-be-spouse for dinner, you’ll have these portraits on display! Portraits that completely sum up exactly who YOUR family is! As the totally cliche saying goes - a picture speaks a thousand words!

My #1 goal through Hillary West Photography is to help families build their legacy! With almost everything going digital these days, it feels all the more important to preserve your family's history in tangible forms. Our goal is to create the most authentic portraits for YOUR family and children - portraits that you'll want to be remembered by!

Through years in the photographic, printing, and custom framing industry, I have seen first hand the way people value their heirloom family portraits from past generations - they are handled and cared for like treasures!

custom picture frame with heirloom family portraits
A past framing client's assortment of heirloom portraits in a custom mat and frame - proper preservation is key!

Throughout the portrait experience with Hillary West Photography, we take the time to really get to know each other! We meet in person before the shoot to establish and fine tune exactly what your ideal outcome is - there's really no better feeling for clients or the photographer than to know with confidence what the outcomes and goals are. When we are clear about the vision we're trying to achieve, everyone can relax and be fully present at the shoot. We'll go over the feelings you want your portraits to evoke, and what family themes and values are important for you to communicate through your portraits. Then we will decide exactly how to make that happen - aesthetically, the vibe and energy of the shoot, and the location are all important! Then, we’ll even determine the very best ways these portraits would be displayed for your family. When we have an idea of how we’d like them displayed, we can be sure to shoot with an end goal in mind! For example: horizontal vs. vertical portrait display area, a single amazing family portrait vs. a wall gallery of multiple images, or maybe an heirloom quality album with a series of 20-40 images, which tell more of a story?

Check out what Justine had to say about her portrait experience, which resulted in this beautiful heirloom quality album!

This blog posts weekly, and aims to serve as a wealth of knowledge on all aspects of building legacy and creating truly authentic family portraits. Whether you’re ready to invest in creating family heirloom portraits now, or if it’s something you envision for later down the line, please subscribe to the blog to continue learning about ways to infuse your portraits with as much meaning and personality as possible. I’m also really excited to continue sharing my knowledge and experience related to customized wall art displays and help you along with figuring out the very best ways to display and preserve your family’s portraits!

Each month, one post is also dedicated to sharing a valuable resource for our community! I always get excited when I discover stuff like that and think “how am I only finding out about this NOW?!” so of course, this is a great place to share!

If you love the idea of your photographer taking the time to really get to know you, creating a detailed plan on how to create your most authentic portraits, AND helping guide you through the process of how to print and display them in the highest quality archival materials... I'm your photographer - let's chat! Start by booking your no pressure consult here!

What is the most important thing to you when deciding on a photographer for your family? I’d love to know in the comments!

All the love,

Hillary West

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