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Ice Cream in the Park! Fun Summer Mini Session at Sunnidale Park in Barrie, ON by GTA Photographer

So, your child is a sugary, sticky, giggly, excited mess.

They’re bouncing around filled with so much love and light!

Do you watch them in wonder and admiration,

or run for a damp cloth?

If you’re watching this adorable mess unfold from the (clean) sidelines in total awe, you’re one of us!

(BONUS points if you kiss them back when they run at you

with ice cream face! 😛)

Because there are clean, pressed outfit people,

and then there's people like US!

Let’s lean into the sticky, sugary, giggly beautiful mess that is our children of summer!

The results from last year were so awesome! We got everything from beautiful fine art style portraits with a very special bunny, super fun sibling portraits, and even a mother-daughter session!

The spring bloom in Sunnidale Park in Barrie was gorgeous, and the perfect setting for fun summer kids portraits!

The layout of these blooming lavender trees was super fun to play hide and seek in too 😀 My favourite way to connect with and shoot photos with kids is run around and PLAY! Being a kids photographer comes with some pretty great perks I guess!

Registration just opened up for these yesterday and they’re already filling up - click here to reserve your spot!

Oh, also! This mini session theme was 100% inspired by this amazing totally customized maternity portrait experience last spring at Bradford Greenhouses in Barrie, ON.

Check out more of these beautiful fine art portraits here!

All the love,

Hillary West

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