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Creative Product Photos for Barrie Kid's Clothing Brand: Stylin' Tots

I am SO excited to share some of the highlights from a creative branding session for this super fun kids fashion brand: Stylin’ Tots!

Jody Pepper built her kids clothing brand after starting to make her son’s clothes herself, since he didn’t fit traditional sizes. She makes all the clothing by hand, in the small town of New Lowell, Ontario (it’s pretty much right between Barrie and Collingwood, just north of Toronto).

For myself as an artist and photographer, my focus is always on fun, creative, and custom. Since I’ve mostly been a family photographer in the past, and I love working with kids, this was the absolute perfect fit for a branding session with me!

After the shoot, Jody told me how much she valued the planning process, and how much it meant to her as a small business owner. It was a true creative collaboration, as both of us tweaked details throughout the shoot, to get everything just right!

The kids had a blast playing with the few key props we decided on. Being a totally custom experience, Jody and I discussed the creative vision for the shoot in detail leading up to the date. We knew we wanted a minimal look, to keep the focus on her product. The couple of fun props we brought ended up being the perfect thing to highlight the details in her work, and take her brand’s look to the next level.

It makes me so happy to help other small businesses reach their goals! Seeing reviews like this totally make my day!

I’m so excited to see how these product photos help level up the Stylin’ Tots brand over the next few months! Having professional product photos is a huge part of creating a consistent look to your branding.

Have you been thinking about what your brand needs to achieve a really professional and cohesive look? Let's chat about what that would look like! Get in touch by email here :)


Hillary West

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