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Creative Brand Photos in Collingwood & My Top 3 Tips!

This is literally my favourite type of branding session!

This is it, folks!

The branding / family photo combo is my absolute favourite!

There’s that old marketing saying, you know it right...the “like, know, trust” factor?

If you own and operate a small business, where YOU are essentially the brand, it makes perfect sense to include a bit of your personal life into your creative branding shoot!

Telling your clients a little more about you “behind the scenes” is important. And honestly, I think it makes you way more interesting and “real”. How can anyone like, know, and trust you if they don’t see the real you?

So, my friends, this is Katie.

Katie Lintern is a wonderfully talented, kind, and honest soul who I am honoured to call a friend. She is tactful, gentle, and takes a huge amount of pride in her work. I absolutely love knowing that whenever we hire her (YES, she is totally my own family’s photographer!) that she takes great care in understanding the goals of the session. Katie works her butt off to make sure she gets it just right, every single time!

Katie works out of her home studio in Collingwood, creating beautiful fine art newborn portraits! She also shoots stunning natural light family portraits in and around the Collingwood and Blue Mountain area. She is a fully accredited newborn photographer, and is constantly honing her skills in and out of the studio. She’s also momma to these 3 amazing little souls, and I totally admire her graceful balance between work and family. She makes it look easy, right?

You can see more of Katie’s work at

And, as promised, my top 3 tips for your branding session:
  • Look your best, and dress to represent your brand!

Katie hired a pro hair and makeup artist for this shoot. She looks stunning! If that’s not your jam, I still suggest putting some thought into how you’ll look and what you’ll wear. What are your brand’s colours, and how will you incorporate them into the shoot?

  • Be honest with me, tell me your story!

It’s the very best way for me to create authentic photos that will tell your clients what brought you here, who you are, and where you’re headed!

  • Don’t stress!

My sessions are easy and fun - whatever you do, don’t stress about it. Trust me, and I promise you, it’ll be magic. I am also a big believer in letting kids be kids. No stress!

Is it time to update your About Me page with some more creative photos? Do you want to tell the story of you, your brand, and what makes you tick?

Send me an email, or find me on IG! I love building our communities on social!



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