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Christmas Tree Farm Mini Sessions: Quick & Easy Family Photos With A Twist near Barrie, ON

Yes - they were quick and easy, BUT around here,

we value all things family tradition!

What is it about family traditions thats so compelling? I was chatting with the client in the video above recently about this’s hard to completely sum up in words, but we agreed that growing up and seeing your family bring out the same special decorations each year, and going about your Christmas in the unique way that only you do, just totally reinforces that sense of warmth, comfort, and belonging. It’s grounding to know what to expect with the Holidays, and as our family’s grow and change, having that solid expectation of what the Holidays will bring is super important.

The biggest and most important thing in creating amazing images of your family, is that you’re being yourselves in the photos. That you’re all comfortable and enjoying being present with one another.

I’m obsessed with adding little personalized touches beyond that though! Mini sessions are meant to be quick, easy, and themed photo shoots - but they are still a great opportunity to include some of your family’s own unique Christmas themes!

Here's the twist...

People like us, who really value family tradition, do things like this!

When your photographer asks you to bring along your special Christmas tree star - this happens!

And last year I asked this family if they had anything special in the family that would be a great addition to the photos, and they brought this antique sled that was her father’s as a child!

A year has passed and this family has grown, and now they have a unique family Christmas photo tradition!

Amazing, I absolutely love this!

This family didn’t bring any special items, but like I said, just showing your unique personalities and genuine expressions and interactions with each other is what it’s all about!

Loving the playful side of this family we brought out!

And here's the very best part for this lucky's not just her father's sled, it's also her own family's tree farm! How amazing is that?! When she told me that the being able to shoot at the tree farm meant a lot to her, I was definitely not surprised!

Christmas magic right here:

Can't wait to do it all again next year 😘

All the love,

Hillary West

PS: Photographers! Send me a message to get the info for booking your Christmas minis at this quaint Tree Farm!

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