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3 Steps to Tackling Awkward Vibes: for Camera Shy People and Those That Love Them in Barrie, ON

Okay...if you're reading this, you probably get camera shy (or love someone who does)! Here's why you should overcome it, and 3 things you can do RIGHT NOW!

My Grandma, and my Mom...I have almost no photos with them. That's a bummer, straight up. And, when someone makes that vibe well known, everyone around them just eventually stops trying… No one wants to make their loved ones feel awkward!

I'm pretty sure this is literally the ONLY professional photo of my Mom and I. We need to fix that, soon!!!! I'm taking my own advice and getting on this ASAP.

And this is literally the last photo I ever got of me and my Grandma, it's from my wedding...I really regret not making a bigger effort to get her in front of the camera with me. Like I said, it just became habit over the years to not point a camera at her...

Are you that person?! Or does it sound like someone you love? If we can get really serious, just for a sec… (the elephant in the room?)

  1. Seriously, we don't live forever. One day, eventually, you're left with memories. I want to make sure you have exceptionally beautiful representations of those memories!

  2. Daily reminders on the walls of our homes, they are the WHY reminders. Whatever the season of life we're navigating, they're reminders that we are loved beyond measure.

  3. Same as all above...but for our kids. Imagine your teen comes home from a rough day at school, everyone is still at work...they're storming to their room, when they pass by the family portrait that radiates all of the love, support and belonging they are craving in that moment. YES!

So, why do you avoid getting in front of the camera? Personally, I have had some odds stacked against me in this department!

Here's my list:

  • Raised in a family of fairly awkward (sorry guys) and camera shy people

  • Wanting to stay present and not "stage" our memories

  • Knowing from experience that cameras automatically turn me into an unflattering nervous mess

  • BUT, I know capturing our family’s character is much bigger than my silly camera shy vibes.

Biggest motivators on overcoming this feeling:

  • Without powerful and frequent reminders (family wall art!) Memories inevitably fade over time. That's important for our kids too, to have and look back on in 20, 30, 50 years. So important.

  • For my family and myself, I want to have all the personality and quirky facial expressions captured. The ones where you can hear the squeaky laugh or toddler giggles just by looking at the photo

  • To ground and stabilize us throughout any of the challenges life throws at us, to make our home a reminder that our family is built on a very solid set of values

So yes, please, push to overcome it.

Here's 3 actionable steps you can take right now to break out of excuses, and create artwork for your home that expresses everything you want to reinforce in your family.

Just me on my wedding day feeling NOT camera shy, clearly! Thank you Jen 🤣

1. Pick a photographer, but do your research! Get them on the phone and get a sense for how they make you feel! ( will they make you feel during the shoot? Do they put you at ease?) Ask about how and why their process works! If you're planning to invest any amount of time and money into having your families love documented, its important to talk to a few photographers to see who you'll mesh with best, and who can capture your family's personality in an easy and natural way.

2. Pick an activity! This is super important for us camera shy types! It'll give you something to do, which will keep you present in the moment with each other, interacting naturally, and gives you really unique and authentic portraits.

3. Pick a location! Think about somewhere that makes you feel the most comfortable and yourself. Is there somewhere that holds a special meaning for your family? A place you've already made some memories, or a new place that you could make special throughout the future?

So, what are you waiting for? If you feel like chatting, I’m always down to help you figure out how to choose the best photographer for your family. There are TONS of us, and TONS of clients, and I know there is a photographer thats just right for everyone! Even if we’re not a match, I’d love to help you navigate your search and figure out what is important for you. Because everyone deserves portraits that hit them hard with all the feels.

Find me on Instagram or Facebook for casual conversation, or we can pick a time to chat on the phone!

All the love,

Hillary West

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