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3 Steps to Choosing the Right Photographer for your Barrie, ON Brand or Business!

Updated: May 2, 2022

How do you choose a brand photographer, anyways? Where do you start?

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1. The most important thing is that you feel like you click with them. They understand your brand’s story, your goals, and where you are headed!

I first met Robin Lachance after scouring the internet searching for Barrie’s best hairstylist! So…I might be kind of picky when it comes to my hair - everyone has their thing, right? As soon as I saw her Instagram feed I KNEW I needed to book with her. The kinds of images she was sharing were totally different from other hair stylists I’d looked at - and it got me all kinds of excited to meet her!

Once I was in the chair, Robin totally put me at ease. I usually have a boatload of salon anxiety, but I felt totally relaxed - you can definitely tell that she sees all of her guests at Tinted Love as more than just hair. She creates real human connection, listens to your style goals AND lifestyle needs, and crafts a totally personalized look for everyone she works with!

And, it’s because she took the time to ask about MY life and what I do, that we got onto the subject of photography! There was definitely a mutual understanding that ART plays a big role in each of our careers. We clicked!

2. Look for a photographer who truly listens, and wants to tell your brand’s story!

When I asked about what brought Robin to where she is at now with her career, I was blown away! This lady is the real deal. I’m totally humbled to be working with someone so very talented!

Robin Lachance is a master hairstylist with 18 years of experience, and 8 years as a professional educator! Robin is also an Essential Looks Artist for Schwarzkopf!

But after hearing all that, I wanted to know more…how did she get here? Robin told me that she had always been super passionate about hairstyling - and decided to enter the Canadian Hairdressing Awards…what have you got to lose, right? Guess what? She won. Yeah she did!

Robin ended up being Contessa 2017 AND 2018 ‘Texture Stylist of the Year’ winner at the Canadian Hairdressing Awards, and a multiple Contessa! She also ended up being a finalist for both the North American Hairstyling Awards, and Mirror Awards!

It’s not surprising at all that her work has, and continues to be published internationally. Um, WOW!

She is exactly the person you’d want to learn from! You can find Robin encouraging and promoting passion in hairstyling through her work as an educator with Schwarzkopf. Want to get involved as a client? You can find her right here in Barrie, ON at Tinted Love Hair Studio - Simcoe County is so lucky to have you Robin!

Robin and I both agreed that this shoot definitely needs a professional makeup artist, and I was SO excited to hear we were both in agreement that Jordan Ashley MUA was exactly who we needed for the job! The last shoot I’d worked with her on was back in 2019 for this styled maternity shoot. Jordan’s work is always so beautiful and natural, and she is an absolutely lovely human to work with!

3. Check the photographer’s style though - do their photos align with your own brand’s message?

No matter your niche, if you want your brand to be taken seriously, the photos should look high quality and professional. They should also have natural looking editing, with real life colours and tones.

Your brand photographer should provide super professional, ultra unique, and completely YOU images. Think imagery that will stop your clients in their tracks, get them engaged, and EXCITED to hear your message!

I’m Hillary, and I’m here to CONNECT and LISTEN to your brand’s story! I’m here to help you convert your brand’s story into SCROLL STOPPING images that get your audience EXCITED to hear your message! I want to help you create images that convert leads into sales! I’m just going to come out and say it: I know you are worth more than a generic (dare I say cliche?) shot of you gazing at your macbook with a Starbucks in hand. YOU are way more interesting than that, I know it.

The right photographer will work WITH you, as a team, to develop a storyline for the shoot, to create AMAZING and fully customized images, just for you!

I would LOVE to tell your brand’s story - fill out my contact form, and let’s get started!



Studio: Spark Creative Studios in Barrie, ON

Client: Robin Lachance of Tinted Love Hair Studio

Makeup: Jordan Ashley MUA

Creative Direction and Photography: Hillary West Photography

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