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Photo by Katie Lintern Photographer

Edited by me


I strive to keep things simple.


Clean and crisp, easy and fun!

In the studio, my favourite style is bright and minimalist. I’m not big on props or fancy setups! I love to shoot outdoors though, especially for families. You can expect a lot of movement and play on a shoot with me!

I will always encourage you to tell me as much as you’re comfortable with about your story. Learning what brought you here, where you’re at, and where you’re going gets my creative juices flowing. I put my heart into everything I create, so the more attached I feel to your story, the more genuinely I’ll be able to tell it.

I love to deliver a set of images that tells the whole story of who you are. I include all the unposed and candid moments. I’ll use my beautifully awkward presence to put you at ease and get you laughing. But seriously, the in-between moments where you fix your child’s hair, and straighten an outfit. The (nearly) inevitable moment during a shoot when a little one just needs a snuggle, is secretly my favourite. These moments NEED a place in history. I honestly cannot believe how fast they grow out of the safety snuggles!

Family matters most to me. I have a pretty awesome husband and two little kids, a truly amazing dog, and a cat who demands far too much for a cat. I have a pretty dry sense of humor... Truth is though, my heart is huge, and I’m a lover through and through. I was a hugger back in the pre-pandemic days!'s 2023, are hugs back yet? I'm here for them!

Thanks for reading.

Hillary West

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